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CoMech have continuously built a very strong reputation for quality and trust over the years, and this established trust has led us to supplying some of the biggest transport brands around. The respect we have accumulated from our ability to provide high quality and uncompromised services and solutions to our customers. These solutions are devised within our own laboratories by our talented team who work with our customers to find the correct solutions.

We have an extensive network of suppliers that we continuously work closely with. However, we are always looking for partners and suppliers who can demonstrate the same high level of service and quality that we offer our customers ourselves.

Potential suppliers should get in contact with us by providing us with your accreditations, alongside your company details and a member of our supply chain management team will be in contact to discuss options.

We are open to receiving supplier enquiries for the following areas:

  • Logistics
  • Metrology OEM suppliers
  • Electrical test equipment suppliers
  • Facilities
  • Safety-critical suppliers
  • Inspection