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An area of specialism for CoMech Metrology is asset management. Our web-based asset management system TrackRecord Pro forms just one part of a suite of tracking software packages, which have all been developed in-house to ensure the care of high value and high-quality assets are maintained at every stage.

Designed and developed in-house at CoMech, our software specialists are responsible for one of the most advanced asset management systems available. TrackRecordPro is capable of working cross-sector and provides a user-friendly experience, all while harnessing its capabilities for tracking, recording and managing assets proactively.

TrackRecordPro is used within rail depots throughout the country, where it helps employees keep track of their assets and equipment at each part of their journey. Users can expect a whole host of features included in any plan they have, such as barcode scanning, instant messaging and report generating functionalities to name a few.

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