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For conducting cross-sectional rail profile measurements and rail wear, the MiniProf Rail instrument makes the perfect choice. It is suitable for using with many types of track, including grooved rails.

What does it measure?

  • Vertical, horizontal and 45-degree rail wear while measuring track gauge profiles simultaneously.
  • Super-elevation and grade with an inclination range of ±30 degrees.
  • Residuals and areas for rail grinding analysis.
  • Rail profile and track gauges.

Rail profiles and track gauges can be measured simultaneously in less than five seconds, thanks to the telescopic rod which is attached to the opposite rail as a reference point. Attach the MiniProf Rail to the top of the railhead to achieve a stable position to prevent tilting and to enable accurate and automatic calculations of track gauges. Also included with the MiniProf Rail is the perpendicular device, which makes sure the unit is correctly aligned with the rail and prevents any faulty diagonal measurements.

The combination of the MiniProf Rail unit and Envision software automatically visualises and calculates residuals and areas, which is ideal for providing invaluable rail grinding analysis. After the measurements have been recorded, they can be compared in multiple ways and then exported for reporting and further analysis with Envision’s user-friendly interface.

For measuring grooved rails, the innovative full contact magnetic point effortlessly measures all the way into the groove to calculate side and horizontal track wear based on a reference.

Accuracy is better than ±11 µm with a repeatability of ±2.5 µm.


CoMech Metrology Ltd is the first choice for precision and performance

MiniProf Rail

For conducting cross-sectional rail profile measurements and rail wear

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Each MiniProf instrument provided by CoMech in the UK and Ireland comes supplied with the innovative and user-friendly Envision software package. The software can be customised to suit any user’s needs for performing simple tests, alongside in-depth analysis at any given moment. Includes functions for trending, measurement schemes, creating templates and critical highlighting.

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