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Featuring the same qualities as the MiniProf Wheel, the Lightrail Wheel instrument has been specifically designed for using on tram wheels. The compact unit features a smaller 100mm backplate, which can be mounted in very narrow places and fits all tram wheels.

Determine wheel wear for any type of tram wheel by measuring cross-sectional wheel profiles with the magnetic wheel. Essential planning, research and maintenance is achieved on tramways and their vehicles with the MiniProf Lightrail Wheel.

The smaller backplate means this instrument can be mounted within a very small space. Additionally, the unit can be used to take measurements of both the inner and outer diameters of a tram wheel for unbeaten flexibility and precision.

Accuracy is better than ±9 µm with a repeatability of ±2.5 µm.


CoMech Metrology Ltd is the first choice for precision and performance

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Each MiniProf instrument provided by CoMech in the UK and Ireland comes supplied with the innovative and user-friendly Envision software package. The software can be customised to suit any user’s needs for performing simple tests, alongside in-depth analysis at any given moment. Includes functions for trending, measurement schemes, creating templates and critical highlighting.

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