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Each MiniProf instrument provided by CoMech in the UK and Ireland comes supplied with the innovative and user-friendly Envision software package. The software can be customised to suit any user’s needs for performing simple tests, alongside in-depth analysis at any given moment. Includes functions for trending, measurement schemes, creating templates and critical highlighting.

The sophisticated software provides post-measurement analysis, batch processing, trending and configuration capabilities in ten different languages. It is widely used with Windows PCs, Android and tablet devices. The software is made up of the Evaluation, Contacts, Criterion and Envision Coach modules.

From installation to reporting, the Envision software is very simple to use. Handy features such as GPS location logging and photograph attachment functions are aimed to provide the user with a stress-free experience.

The software works in tandem with the chosen MiniProf instrument to measure and display temperature, super-elevation and grade levels. Data trends can then be recorded and analysed to show alarm and failure warning levels and estimates, making it essential for the safety and maintenance within a rail environment.

Evaluation Module

The Evaluation module has been specifically designed to convert recorded data into valuable and easy to navigate information. The module is backwards compatible with all generations of MiniProf instruments and is capable of reading imported measurements from all MiniProfs. Measurements can then be filtered based on the information recorded to provide an overview of wear parameters with additional live alarms. Easily view and navigate recorded information with the graphical overview function to then perform trending analysis. Additionally, metadata can be edited to correct any mistakes and recalculate results, which then can be extracted and exported for third-party applications.

Contacts Module

The inclusion of the Contacts module has new functions for calculating conicity on the MiniProf TwinHead instruments. The module shows graphs for equivalent conicity, contact points, tangent angles and rolling radius difference. Sophisticated reference profiles can be created via the construct function. Automate batch process TwinHead data sets with the Contacts module.

Criterion Module

Specifically designed for using on Android smartphones and devices, it is easy to install, setup and collect data with Criterion. The module is compatible with all MiniProf units with Bluetooth connectivity and runs seamlessly with Envision. Also attach images to measurements and make use of the GPS location recording function.

Envision Coach

Download the Envision Coach tutorial package to guide the user through the setup and operation of the new MiniProf BT instruments.

The virtual coach directs the operator through the software and license installation process, alongside the setup of instrument and measurement configurations. Also shows the user how to measure with different instruments and measuring with handheld devices.

Batch processing, reporting, analysis and many more operations are explained in detail, thanks to the MiniProf Envision Coach module.

The possibilities of measurement and documentation are endless with the complete Envision software.

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