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The dedicated team of engineers at CoMech Metrology are on hand to perform Hand Arm Vibration testing for your assets.

Our HAV service is suitable for testing a range of equipment types and tools that vibrate. These tools are not just limited to the rail industry; they are used cross-sector and can cause a significant amount of damage to the user. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is an industrial disease which is caused by excessive vibrations from a tool. Up to two million workers in the UK are at risk of developing HAVS and it is a disease that cannot be cured.

The role CoMech plays with this involves testing and analysing the tools to ensure they are used safely and protecting the user from overexposure of vibration.

Our HAV service encompasses:

  • IOSH accredited HAV assessors use their expertise when visiting sites to assess tools.
  • Post-testing categorises the tools dependent on the vibration results.
  • We use a simple red, amber and green tagging system, so workers will easily know the vibration status of each tool and the recommended usage time.
  • Detailed reports illustrate a tool’s recommended daily use.
  • Ensuring businesses are complying with HSE guidelines.

When testing a handheld tool’s vibration levels, our HAV assessors will use an accelerometer, which reads the vibration output in three directions (X, Y, Z). This will then calculate the magnitude to give the safe level for the tool. This is achieved by an official HSE vibration calculation process.

Once the testing process is complete, the customer will receive an in-depth HAV testing report detailing the testing conditions. It will not give a PASS or FAIL result; it will simply give the recommended daily usage based upon the vibration level of that tool. This will be clearly marked on the tool itself with a colour-coded label with its readings.

We provide a wide range of tailored packages to suit your organisation’s procedures and needs. These include detailed reports and asset tracking with our bespoke asset management system TrackRecordPro, which helps you handle recall notices, calibration dates and deliveries for all your assets.

For more information regarding Hand Arm Vibration testing, regulations, and guides, HSE (Health and Safety Executive) are an excellent source of information. View their associated documents below:

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