As Albert Einstein famously said; “creativity is intelligence having fun.”

At CoMech, we work as hard as we play. It’s our belief that creativity is an essential part of our business and is crucial for us to succeed in the industry.

Our team consists of engineers, account managers, marketing specialists and IT developers who work in unison to deliver the most innovative, creative solutions to our customers and suppliers across the UK.

We don’t believe in playing catch up, we’re forward thinkers that don’t just keep up with the evolution of our industry, but we lead it. We’re constantly upgrading our equipment and tech to bring nothing but the best to our clients.

We work collaboratively with upstream and downstream partners and make use of universities and government agencies to address ad exceed the demands of our clients.

CoMech are proud to have a proven track record, led by our business’ creative thinkers.

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If you’ve heard of CoMech it’s probably because our reputation for quality and trust has led us to supplying some of the nation’s biggest brands.


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Established 1985

Some of the biggest names in the UK transport industry trust CoMech for their solutions, we provide accredited calibrations to many other national brands.

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Our work spans various industries and businesses, from SME’s to multi national companies, discover some of our industries.



Creative individuals who work towards a common goal and utilise creativity are a key component for a company to succeed. At CoMech Metrology, we employ talented individuals from all walks of life.

We employ engineers, customer admin personnel, marketing specialists and IT developers, who all work together to deliver innovative solutions to our customers and suppliers across the rail industry and beyond.

A key factor which comes into play is the ability to keep up with constantly evolving technologies and standards within the industry. We are always looking to upgrade our equipment and technology to bring nothing but the very best to our clients.

All the solutions we provide to our customers and suppliers are developed in collaboration with upstream and downstream partners. We also make use of universities and government agencies to collectively address the demands of our clients.

CoMech Metrology are proud to boast a proven track record of delivering solutions in a variety of disciplines and recognises the importance of how creative practices and processes can improve product and service development.

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